Artrooms Fair opens its doors in Korea

After London and Rome, the Artrooms Fairs open a new edition in Seoul, South Korea, from the 26th to the 28th of October 2018. The fair will be organised in collaboration with IACO Korea and will take place at the Riviera Hotel, in the very famous area of the Gangnam District.
What makes this fair so interesting is the diversity of the artists and their work. Away from the daunting walls of the wh
ite cube ideology of the gallery space, both visitors and artists feel more comfortable in engaging with one another, which enables artists to not only sell their work but to share their vision and practice in a very distinctive way.
Artists go through a very hard selection process and each year they face a different Selection Committee, whose members are experts of the Industry, comprising some of the most relevant names in the art world. These have included in the past editions Sotheby’s S2 Gallery Director Fru Tholstrup, Palazzo Strozzi’s Director Arturo Galansino, Star-Architect Marco Piva, Christies’ Victoria Wolcough and Tabish Khan from The Londonist, just to name a few.
Less than 100 out of approx. 2000 artists pass the selections, turning the Artrooms Fair into an hunting ground for art galleries, curators, and collectors to interact in an intimate setting and discover new trends and unrepresented talented artists.

Since this year, the Organisers have been launching a new Gallery Affiliation Programme offering art galleries the opportunity to liaise to a new network and scout for artists; among new affiliated Contini Contemporary, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Ransom Art and Bel Air Fine Art, 11[HellHeaven] Art Gallery, Ufofabrik, Zari Gallery. For the new editions, Artrooms Fairs will also open to Cultural Partners, in volving Museums and Foundations to give artists new exciting opportunities. The fair is unique in its kind: “One room at no cost to the artist”.
It is set on 4-star luxury hotels where every room is turned into an exhibition space, and it is also the only fair inviting independent artists to exhibit and sell their works without paying a fee. The venues are the Meliá White House in London, The Church Palace in Rome and the Riviera Hotel in Seoul.

The Artrooms Fairs offer an extraordinary platform to support and nurture the artist’s career and an extensive programme to all visitors, with workshops, interviews such as “In bed with the artists”, the Focus on Section dedicated to a Country, Art Projects and installations, Sculpture Park and Video Art.
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Artrooms Fairs shows
Seoul, October 26 -28, 2018
London, January 11-13, 2019
Roma, Coming soon
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Beyond Boundaries: The Journey of Indian Art from Bengal School to Contemporary

Beyond Boundaries: The Journey of Indian Art from Bengal School to contemporary
Thursday 10th May, 6pm – 9pm
Le Dame Art Gallery, Meliá White House, 1 Albany Street, London NW1 3UP


Le Dame Art Gallery and Abundant Art Gallery are proud to present Beyond Boundaries: The Journey of Indian Art from Bengal School to contemporary. This is a unique opportunity to experience afresh the flavour of Indian contemporary art and its present trends.

Beyond Boundaries show cases fifteen artists who represent not only the unbroken heritage of Indian art dating back to Mughal miniatures but also how India is responding to more global ideas in the post-modern sense.

Our selection of artists represents the widest possible form of expressions and creativity. They exhibit a vast horizon depicting reimagining of the Bengal school in Mohi Paul’s works to the abstract explorations of inner emotions by Shad Fatima. They showcase an element of sensibility, which is embedded in Indian culture and heritage with the signs of co-travelling with world art at large. Our artists play a variety of media including watercolour wash technique, acrylic and oil. There are traditional Indian motifs, mythical and historical contents as well as articulations of the artists’ inner journeys. It’s like a grand old man with a distinct cultural root stepping out into a new world full of new possibilities and potentials.

Indian Art has travelled a long way since the introduction of western methods by the British in the 19th century. British colonial rule added another important influence on art in India and led to a fusion of styles and techniques. In the early 20th century Indian identity and heritage reasserted itself with the emergence of the Bengal School of Art. With the active encouragement of British art teacher E.B. Havell (1861- 1934) Indian artists in Calcutta adopted traditional Indian ways of painting notably Mughal miniature style or folk styles such as “Kalighat”. They used indigenous techniques such as the wash method. This led to a debate about what Indian art should aim for? Historicity or embrace all international trends to reflect modern thought. Luckily contemporary Indian art has struck a balance between the two and coursed a journey which is much more reflective of India and her current position and context in the world. We see a more confident contemporary art in India today, which is distinctively Indian, yet at the same time embraces elements of global art trends.

Available AR images here.

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Cristina Cellini

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Katherine Filice at Fun House: Art of the Surreal, Fantastic and Bizarre 2018

This past March, Executive Director of Barrett Art Center Joanna Frang notified Katherine Filice, one of Artrooms Fair London 2018’s selected artists, as selected for Fun House: Art of the Surreal, Fantastic and Bizarre 2018 exhibition, stating “distinguished jurors, Danijela Purssey and Istvan Banyai, have thoughtfully and carefully selected 75 works from a total of 960 entries from 229 artists“.

Filice’s selected works for the exhibition are Heal and Resigned, both pen and ink on paper and produced in 2017. These works have also been showcased at Artrooms Fair London 2018 this past January.

Fun House 2018 will be open from Saturday the 12th May through Saturday the 23rd June 2018 in the galleries of Barrett Art Center’s historic 1840’s townhouse, located at 55 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. An opening reception will be held on the 12th May from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Jurors’ Prizes will be announced at 5:00 p.m.

Opening Hours are Wed-Fri, 10am-3pm and Sat, 12pm – 3pm during exhibitions.

Exhibition: Untitled (Close to Now)

Untitled (Close to Now)
Lever Gallery, 153-157 Goswell Rd, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 7HD
5 – 6 May 2018
Private View: 5 May, 6pm;
6 May, 10-4pm

Untitled (Close to Now) explores a range of ideas and contemporary issues including our technological age, our urban environment, the state of self and alternative ways of challenging systems for a new artistic language. In bringing together a diverse range of works and mediums, this exhibition attempts to capture a multiplicity of our present, where our reality is constantly stimulated and fulfilled by a surfeit of sensations, emotions, thoughts and provocations.

Featuring newly created works from UAL Central Saint Martins undergraduate artists: Tom Bull, Amanda Hellryd, Charlie Chesterman, Gordon Berger, Augustine Skottowe, Ayse Kipri, Elliott Haigh, Vince Hart, Pierre Pagy.

Untitled (Close to Now) is a group exhibition organised by The Curation Socitey (UAL). Pre-order a copy of the exhibition catalogue (and have it collected during the private view) on Kickstarter, to raise funds to cover the costs of the exhibition (until the 26th April).

Keith Newlove from Flux Exhibition at Artrooms Fair London 2019

Last week, on Wednesday the 11th April, the Artrooms Team attended FLUX Exhibition 2018 to choose one of their artists to exhibit at Artrooms Fair London 2019 as a guest artist. After carefully going through the works of over 70 artists, the chosen winner was Keith Newlove, with his work The Thinker made with 3D Pen (P.I.A.) and Perspex.

FLUX Exhibition is London’s leading exhibition to discover the most talented, dynamic painters, sculptors and performance artists.
FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, inspirational art event. Hosted by Chelsea College of Arts in London and curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of FLUX, this fifth, much anticipated edition brings 100 artists to the fore. Gray has hand selected the very best emerging and established artists for a five-day event.
The show represents an opportunity to gain access to a vast and diverse group of gifted artists, on the path to being the big names of tomorrow, showcasing international talent in a collaborative, inclusive show. FLUX celebrates artists on the precipice of wider accolade and fame.

Among the exhibiting artists, we were very happy to see Artrooms Fair London 2018’s selected artists Joy Trpkovic, Marek Emzcek Olszweski and KV Duong.

Komal Madar: Visions of Colour solo exhibition

Komal Madar, one of Artrooms Fair Roma 2018’s selected artists, is launching a new solo art exhibition, Visions of Colour, in partnership with Hyatt Place hotel. Opening on Friday the 27th April, the prestigious two-week event will showcase the local artist’s unique, contemporary style; with a large collection of work on display including paintings featured in Vogue, House and Garden, and Inside Artists magazine.
The artist has been shortlisted for the Royal Prize Exhibition consecutively for two years. She said: “I’ve exhibited my work around the world and I’m so excited to launch my first solo exhibition in my home town in Hayes.”

“As an artist, I draw inspiration from nature and the world around me, and I also enjoy creating abstract works. My Indian heritage has played an essential role in influencing my style and I’m always experimenting with new materials such as Indian textiles, henna and Swarovski crystals. I have a diverse collection of work ranging from affordable art to suit any home, to large, luxurious pieces for the most passionate of art lovers. There really is something for everyone. I look forward to welcoming people to my new Visions of Colour exhibition, and hope that the local community will come along and enjoy my work.”

The free exhibition will run from Friday the 27th April to Thursday 10th May, from 9am to 6pm at Hyatt Place West London/Hayes, in the hotel’s glass-fronted bar and foyer. The hotel restaurant will be offering global cuisine throughout the day and all are welcome.
Dominik Strobel, General Manager at Hyatt Place West London/Hayes, said “with our Hyatt Thrive platform, Hyatt is committed to serve the people, the environment and the community and we are absolutely thrilled to have partnered up with Komal, our local artist. Our hotel is located in the heart of the London Borough of Hillingdon and we are so proud of our local heritage. We wanted to bring our diverse community together through the love of art, so it was really important for us to work with a local artist for our second exhibition. We were blown away by Komal’s vibrant style, Indian influence and authenticity, and we’re so pleased to welcome this up-and-coming artist to our hotel. We look forward to opening our doors to the public for the first Visions of Colour event.”

Hyatt PlaceWest London/Hayes, 27 Uxbridge Road, Hayes Gate House, Hayes UB4 0JN

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Third Order: group exhibition by 4 female artists

Curated by Karolina Albricht, selected artist for Artrooms Fair London 2018

 PV Friday 13th April, 6-9pm
Exhibition continues until 29th April, open Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm or by appointment:
Unit 3 Projects, ASC Studios, Empson Street, E3 3LT


‘(…) we are familiar with things being either/or abstract or representational, but there is a third order out there (…)’ Jack Whitten, “Jack Whitten: An African-American and Pollock” Painting After Pollock


Third Order focuses on recent works of four female artists who push, pull, tug and examine the boundaries of figuration and abstraction in contemporary painting. The exhibition is not rooted in all-governing ideas, but embraces the subtle ambiguity of working between the familiar and the unknown. Personal narratives are created through different working methods, subjects and paint specific understanding of shape, colour and texture. The artists, following their visceral urge, develop a dialogue based on underlying search for the equivocal form. Not settling for a chosen camp or dogmatic structures, Third Order upholds an honest and unguarded approach to painterly exploration.

Agnieszka Katz Barlow’s paintings are made up of vibrant layers of colour and wayward flat shapes that act as surrogate figures. Katz-Barlow tends to avoid binary ideologies and instead embraces ambivalent spaces and anarchic identities. Interested in visual intellect and composing ideas from an internal digested pulp, Agnieszka lets her painting be a balancing act of opposing paradoxes. The narratives and spaces she creates are fictions that originate from, and can only exist within the language of painting.

Sara Dare is a painter and installation artist. Her practice explores themes of the relationship between process, environment, scale and ambiguity of form through an abstract and instinctive language. Playful and often psychologically charged shapes examine concepts relating to repulsion, lure, conflict and proxim- ity. Sara’s approach incorporates the awareness of the environment surrounding the work and she currently investigates site-specific painting and installation of oversized work in an architecturally challenging envi- ronment.

Anna Liber Lewis paints from life, from imagination and from memory. Each painting comes from an en- counter. She is interested in this moment, when something shifts: a metamorphosis that happens some- times physically, sometimes emotionally; manifested in behaviour, body language and visual signs, a shape shifting. The paintings shift between what is seen and what is felt. They morph between the act of looking and the manifestation of a sensation, be that flirtatious glances, desire or defiance. Oscillating between subjectivity and objectivity, ambivalence is the driving force, moving in and out of abstraction.

Karolina Albricht’s empirical approach forms a constant enquiry into human nature. Her work resonates as a human experience of duality, which applies to both formal and narrative aspects of her practice. Albricht uses elements of abstraction and references the familiar form, allowing the intended and intuitive to meet. The exact moment where two of the opposing forces meet injects an element of tension into her work. This is what then becomes a reoccurring, obsessive feeling or presence in her painting.


Kaori Homma exhibiting at Crossings: Art and Christianity Now

Kaori Homma, selected artist for Artrooms Fair London 2018, is currently exhibiting her work at Southwell Minster.

From February-May, Southwell Minster will be host to an inspiring major art exhibition which will encourage visitors to explore, through art, two key Christian themes: crucifixion and resurrection. Crossings: Art and Christianity Now is a two-part exhibition which will fill the Minster with 100 new works of art by 36 significant artists, twice! The first half of the exhibition, Crucifixion Now, will be on show during Lent from 9th Feb-21st March, and the second part, Resurrection Now, during Easter from 1st April-10th May, Ascension Day. There will also be education work tied-in to the exhibition with school visits and a full programme of supporting events for all to enjoy. Crossings is unique to Southwell and will not be seen anywhere else.

The artists will each present two new works made especially for Crossings, one for each half of the exhibition, and part of the artists’ brief was to explore the two themes in a new way, refreshing visually our engagement with suffering in our world today (Crucifixion) and the hope of new life in the world today (Resurrection).

Crossings is free for all visitors to see, and is generously supported by a full-colour publication which all visitors are encouraged to buy (£5). This 52 page Exhibition Guide includes all of the artworks on show in both halves of the exhibition, as well as information about the artworks and artists to help visitors get the most out of viewing Crossings, and also presents a special exhibition essay written for us by Dr Alison Milbank, our Canon Theologian at Southwell Minster.

The 36 artists involved have been hugely supportive of this project and it is with thanks for their contributions and excellence that Crossings enables the Minster to present an exhibition of both National and International significance. Artists include: Sophie Hacker, Nicholas Mynheer, Mark Cazalet, Iain McKillop, Susie Hamilton, Chris Gollon, Biggs and Collings, Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Paul Benney, Kaori Homma, Siku, Ian Adams, Jean Lamb, Enzo Marra, Matthew Krishanu, John Newling, Lee Maelzer, Jennifer Bell, Derek Sprawson, Sarah Shaw, Ray Richardson, and many others.

Southwell Minster is open every day of the year from 8.00am to 7.00pm
Southwell, Minster, Church Street, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0HD


Le Dame Art Gallery: solo exhibition by Steven Vaughn

Home SettingsLe Dame Art Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by ritualistic water painter Stevens Vaughn. The exhibition is running from the 16th March to the 30th April. Private View will be on Thursday the 15th March from 6:30-9pm. Don’t miss the chance to meet the artist! RSVP to

Stevens Vaughn was born in Minnesota, United States, to Vince Vaughn and Joyce Andresen; farmers and cattle ranchers. Due to a rare form of autism resulting in a lack of the concept of time and direction, his early life was based on seasons and events. He is currently based in China. His exhibitions are influenced by his study and training in the philosophy of how important imperfection is to the state of perfection in Japan and China. His methods of painting have been reported to use ritual “dripping” techniques that don’t pull out the color randomly, rather distribute pigments dropwise. The technique uses instability of the fluid to create figures and the splash of the droplets to further enhance the painting.Stevens Vaughn co-founded in 2000 Hafnia Foundation. The Foundation develop and support projects that inspire people, regardless of geographical boundaries, religions, sexuality or any other differences. Each project as well as their creators, seek to discover something meaningful while being playful during the process.

Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House 1 Albany Street, Regent’s Park, London NW1 3UP

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am -6pm

BEL-AIR FINE ART launches new gallery in London

In January 2018, BEL-AIR FINE ART proudly opened the doors of its first UK space in London Mayfair, making BAFA LONDON the 14th Gallery to join the group. Appreciated by collectors and respected in the industry, BEL-AIR FINE ART keeps expanding and lands in the UK to present in its 200sqm London space an eclectic selection of its finest artists.

Founded in 2004 by François Chabanian, BEL-AIR FINE ART group has been focusing and sharing its expertise on contemporary art for more than ten years. Exhibiting international artists in Switzerland, France and Italy, the group is also taking part in fairs and organising international exhibitions in the Middle East, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

The group prides on finding the best up and coming artists and lands an expert eye on Neo-Pop, postPop Art, Street Art as well as Optical Art. Far from overlooking other artistic movements, BEL-AIR FINE is equally able to advise on traditional artistic styles and promotes with the same energy emerging artists and great names of the XXI century.

BEL-AIR FINE ART LONDON is proud to present, from the 15th March to the 16th April 2018, two remarkably curated shows by Carole Feuerman and Sandra Shashou.

Strength, Survival & Balance will present an extensive selection of monumental sculptures by Carole Feuerman. The artist is recognised as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealist sculpture, which emerged around 1970 in relation to photorealist painting. She was one of the three leaders in making life like sculptures that portray their models precisely. Feuerman’s has always captured in her sculptures the notion of natural beauty and a sense of inner peace.

Broken Reborn, by London-based artist Sandra Shashou, will exhibit a new body of work gravitating around the concepts of destruction and regeneration. Her work is complex and intricate, exuberant and elegant. Shashou’s new body of work comprises arrangements of smashed fragments of vintage fine bone china tea sets, Russian Lomonosov porcelain, Spanish Lladro and Nao ballerina figurines or German bisque Kaiser nude, dating back to the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Broken Reborn references to bravery, courage and rebuilding after devastation.

It is with great pride and joy that BEL-AIR FINE ART opened its new space on New Bond Street, London, and looks forward to see what the future holds.

Bel-Air Fine Art London, 105 New Bond Street, W1S 1DN, Mayfair, London

For any enquiries, please contact