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Amar Azad

As an artist, photographer and graphic designer specialising in drawing, photography, and design, Amar Azad has developed a keen sensitive eye. The artist works in an intricate, organised and methodological process to achieve the best final outcome. He draws with pencil bringing out images with Chiaroscuro and focuses on realism and intense detail. The artist has various rendering motions with the pencil, including a self-taught circular motion. Amar Azad also applies pointillism as a technique for art and illustration, however leaving space around each dot and diffusing the piece. Analogue Photography is a huge inspiration and therapeutic process for Amar, learning the elements of composition and capturing moments from my personal eye. Based in the busy city of London.

Claudia Ponce de Leon Camacho

Claudia Camacho was born in Mexico City in 1969. She completed her studies as a Fashion Designer at Jannette Kleyn, studied Graphic Design at the Intercontinental University and obtained a diploma for Abstract Painting at the Helenic Cultural Centre. Early in her career she served as a Creative Director, designing and coordinating projects for certain companies in the areas of design, pre-press and production. She is also a freelance designer and Creative Collaborator for Armo Design, amongst other projects and businesses. In other fields she has worked in the area of Art Direction and Wardrobe in cinema, music videos, commercials and theatre, collaborating with stage design and costume. In 1995 she discovered a fascination for GLASS and has, since then, taken courses in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Denver USA, where she has been learning and perfecting the techniques of fused glass, glass jewelry, boiled glass, glass blowing, enamels and molds, amongst other methods. She hastaken courses and collaborated in the creative glass workshop in the “Romero Gurman Studio” along with her teachers and friends Débora Gurman and Marco Romero, throughout various projects. At the beginning of her relationship with glass, Caya focused on the design and production of jewelry, however, her fascination towards the material, her passion for creativity and unending curiosity have led her to experiment with glass in other dimensions and aspire to launch larger formats inspired by every-day Mexican life, in efforts to defy the spectator’s reason and arouse a startling question: “Is this realy glass?”. Each item is handmade, fusing heart and fire to create unique pieces.

Elisa Cantarelli

It was Spring 2004 when Elisa Cantarelli started dropping some dots on a photocopied image of her eye and she never stopped since: “dotting” was born. Prof. Rosi, her tutor at Bologna Academy of Fine Art, helped to bring out her best, supporting her and encouraging her to experiment with different materials. After her BA in Fine Art her work was exhibited at Bologna Art Fair 2007, a key moment in her life. She started working with galleries in Italy and Tokyo. Elisa is from Salsomaggiore Terme, a little town in north of Italy.
She was a lively and creative child. Her primary school teacher preferred to teach applied art instead of literature or history. This was probably her first Art influence. Throughout her life she always felt the need to express herself in a creative way mainly through Art and sports: freedom to create, energy and discipline to reach goals and dreams. She joined an Art high school in Parma and she also played basketball for 18 years, 8 as a professional. Competition and discipline learned on the court are imprinted in her personality and her work. Driven by her true passions since she was 9: basketball and Art (now only Art). In 2009 she moved to London where she lives and works. Elisa has exhibited her work in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong.

Matt Demers

Growing up in rural Maine, Demers has been creating for as long as he can remember. Primarily self taught, he uses a wide variety of mediums and techniques on many different surfaces. His background as a graphic designer, sign maker, embroiderer, screen printer, antiques dealer, and gravedigger influences his work visually and conceptually.

EM Huh

Huh Eunman (artist name: EM Huh) was awarded Honorable Mention Prize at the IPA(International Photography Awards) in 2018, which is the biggest and most prestigious world photo competition. He was the only triple awardee among all winners and the awards ceremony gala show was held in Carnegie Hall in New York.His artwork was approved for exhibition by The Saatchi Gallery in London, one of the most influential art museums on world contemporary art.
He was selected as one of the ‘Noteworthy Contemporary Artists” in The First Berliner Art Book 2019 ⓒ by a renowned art consulting group in Germany.
With the academic background of a law major in Korea University, he participated in many overseas art exhibitions in Newyork, Cannes, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou and others and experienced five solo shows. Huh Eunman curated and hosted The First Paragone Abstract Artists’ Competion Exhibition at Topohaus Arts Center in Seoul in which contemporary artists irrespective of their art genres competed with each other in good will. He pioneered the whole new art genre of gestural abstract photography in which he uses his camera as a painting brush or a knife, thereby expressing rather abstract style of fine art photography.

Eden Hevroni

Eden Hevroni was  born in 1985 in Israel. In 2015 she completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts with the Department of Ceramic Design and Glass at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel.

Atushi Imai

Atushi Imai was born in 1973 in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture. Atushi lives and resides in Himeji city since 1975. The artist practised illustration and color pencil art under the name TWO.AI’s from 1989 to 1995. In 2014, Atushi resumed illustrator as a Japanese pop star specialist  Katanashi Mugyou after about 20 years. In the same year remix CD jacket illustration charge for social media idol · notall. Atushi resumed as a colored pencil artist in 2015. An exhibition debut at the British pencil museum (group exhibition). Currently joining Japan, UK, Australia and Canada related societies. From 2017 Atushi also started exhibiting at art fairs.

Jae Hee Kim

Jae Hee Kim is an artist based in Seoul, Korea and Milan, Italy. She holds degrees from Ewha Women’s University (BFA in Occidental Painting, 2002 and MFA in Painting and Printmaking, 2005) and Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna (MFA in Mosaic, 2016).In 2018 she obtained the 1st Prize Professional at the IX PICTOR IMAGINARIUS International Competition. Her work was selected for exhibition at the GAeM International Prize (2013, 2015, and 2017), the Premio Nocivelli (2015), and the PICTOR IMAGINARIUS International Competition (2015 and 2017). In 2013, she participated in the exhibition, “Eccentrico musivo,” at the Museum of the City of Ravenna (Italy) and in 2015 and 2017, the exhibition, “Opera dal Mondo,” at the RavennaMosaic Biennale (Italy). She held her first solo exhibition in 2005 at Fifteen Gallery (Seoul, Korea) and has also participated in many group exhibitions since 1999.

Jeongin Kim

Jeongin Kim is a photographer, focused on the work about relationship and communication between living beings. Since she majored in visual communication design, she explored various fields of photography and design such as commercial, fashion, graphics, and editorial after graduation. After four years of working experiences, she started her career at Datz Press (photobook publisher) to focus on her keen interest in photography as fine art and devoted six years in art book publishing until 2017. She had her first solo show in April 2018 with her works of five years, and a photo book is published in conjunction with the exhibition. Currently, live and work in Seoul, South Korea.


Juchul Kim

Juchul Kim graduated from Kaywon Art of High School, and later completed a BA Horn in Sculpture Dept at Chung Ang University. Juchul has won several awards for German Art contests and has exhibited worldwide, both solo and in group shows.

Pia Kintrup

Pia Kintrup was born in 1988 in Hattingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. After her graduation, the artist did some internships, for instance at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund, while preparing my portfolio to study photography. Between 2008 and 2013, Pia studied photography at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. In 2013, the artist graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Her graduation project was called horror vacui. In 2013 Pia received the Marianne Ingenwerth Scholarship of Excellence for her previous photographical works. Between 2013 and 2017 Pia studied Master of Photography Studies and Practice at Folkwang University of Arts. She graduated in September 2017 with a Master of Arts. Her graduation project was a compendium of 88 photographies, called maps. During the time of 2012 and 2018 Pia has participated in several smaller exhibitions, together with other artists.

Anna Klesse

Anna Klesse has been a photographer for 12 years. In 2018 she opened her own studio and refocused her photography after running a graphic design business. Anna Klesse has been always a portrait and commercial photographer. She works with SME owners and London’s Universities as well as individual clients. Before opening her own company her work took me around the world including Nigeria, where Anna worked as photojournalist for Polish media, and as a PR specialist and photographer for His Imperial Majesty King Sijuwade Olubuse II.

Anna Klesse holds an Art Diploma in Visual Advertising, BA in digital communication and MA in global media. She got on her account few exhibitions and many national (Polish and UK) awards from competitions, including in Poznan, in the centre of old town titles ‘Water differently’ where she exhibited an image of athlete in a jump. Her latest one are Portrait Masters, three Bronze Awards and Distinction from SWPP. Anna Klesse exhibited her first individual project ‘100% of femininity’ in Gniezno.

Karalee Kuchar

Karalee Kuchar is a fine art photographer and performance artist. She received her formal training from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, receiving an MFA in 2017 and a BFA in 2010. She has an extensive background in dance and movement which she incorporates into her performances documented by her camera as witness. She believes it is through movement that we can discover the source of our opposition and ultimately free ourselves of it. In her performances, she explores themes of light versus darkness and the struggle we experience in liminal spaces. Karalee’s work is a fusion of figure and landscape. By exploring earthly and spiritual connections through interaction, she seeks to discover the union of these relationships in order to unveil their elemental sources and to seek change.

Ella Meshi Ohana

Ella Meshi Ohana was born in Jerusalem in 1991. She works and lives in Tel Aviv. In 2015 Ella graduated “Bezalel Academy of art and design”, receiving her BFA from Photography department. She was also chosen to take part in the exchange student program and was the first student in her department at “Hongik University”, Seoul, South Korea. In 2017 Ella received a MFA, graduating from “Bezalel Academy of art and design”. She was once again chosen from all the academy to represent them at Tokyo University of the arts, “GaiDei”.

Kyung Park

Kyung Park graduated from Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea in 2009 with a Bachelor in Painting, followed by a Masters Degree in Art and Space completed at Kingston University, London, United Kingdom in 2011.
In 2013, the artist was one of the artists in residency for Lithus Gallery in Iceland. In 2014, Kyung Park graduated from Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL, London, United Kingdom with another Masters degree in Painting, Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL, London, United Kingdom, and returned to Kingston Universty to be a guest lecturer with “Scented Space”.

Georgia Peskett

Georgia Peskett is a London-born artist now based near to Sheffield. She began painting during a three year apprenticeship in New York where she spent time painting and working alongside many contemporaries of the hugely influential late Jean Michel Basquiat. Painting New York cityscapes and figurative urban landscapes, later returning to London where she still draws much of her inspiration, from commuters underground to the ubiquitous facades that surround us daily. She’s had her work included in many group shows and solo exhibitions in the UK and Internationally. Georgia recently met Rebecca Wilson, the chief curator at Saatchi Art when she exhibited at The Other Art Fair Bristol. Rebecca then gave a talk about Georgia’s work saying that she was an artist that she is extremely interested in and described her paintings as documentation of isolation and how many of us now feel that way. Her works are held in public, private and corporate collections in the UK, Hong Kong, US, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, France and Germany. Notable collections include The BT collection, Telecom Tower, Bentley Headquarters, The Earl of Chichester, Leeds City Council, Verve Properties and SIP Partners London.

Youssef Riegel

Youssef Riegel was born in Autumn in Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany. He finished School after 13 years , as a student of  Gerhard Richter (1969/1970) and Gerolf Schuelke (1971-1973).In 1980 he worked as a Photo Assistant in the Studio of Rolf Ploeger in Duesseldorf, Germany, mainly Stil Life, Pack-Shots + free works. In the same year, he also did a study trip at West Coast in United States of America and Canada. In 1981 the artist studied at Art Academy to Duesseldorf by Tony Cragg and also produced for Joerg  Immendorff in Duesseldorf in the darkroom specially for his archive b/w image prints. From 1982 Youssef worked as an Assistant in the Gallery „Die Schablone“ in Duesseldorf for several years. Between 1993 – 2004  the artist travelled, studying and working in France, Morocco and PR of China. Youssef has been a self-employed artist since 2007 and between 2013 – 2015  he launched the opening of  his own Gallery „dasbuntehaus“ in  Moenchengladbach-Down Town, Germany.

Jin-A Ryou

Jin-A Ryou was born in 1971 in Seoul. She studied Painting at the Duksung women’s University, Seoul, South Korea from 1992 to 1995 and Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1998 to 2002. Since 2001, she was exhibited over 40 times in both solo and group exhibitions.


Cho Seungyean

Seungyean Cho received her Master’s Degree from Rochester Insititute of Technology. She has been recipient of several awards including the Wiltsie Watercolor Award and Wallace Library Purchase Prize Award.

Jinny Suhh

Jinny Suhh has been a member of SeJong Center for the Performing Arts, participating in a number of operational exhibition, and researcher on Bupyeong’s stonework. She has collected funds for works by the Milal Foundation and provided services for disabled people. Jinny Suhh graduated from Ehwa womans University, majored in Sculpture. She is also Head of Seoul Arts Institute and CEO of J & J Art Inc., in Los Angeles, USA.

Elena von Kraskowski

Elena von Kraskowski (born 1966) is a Swedish artist who in limited edition abstract works combines painting, photography and digital editing. After having pursued a profession as a photographer for over two decades, Elena changed course and started to work as a visual artist full-time in 2017. Over the years, she has previously taken courses in both photography and painting, as well as other creative arts. Today, Elena mainly focuses on abstract painting, but also a technique where she works further with her paintings digitally, taking inspiration from both analog photography processes and the new possibilities in digital editing. The basis of her work is experimental exploration – combining thought, intuition, colors, shapes, material and surfaces, to see how all those factors correspond to one another – a form of contained investigatory expressionism. Elena was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, where she resides and works. She has previously held two photo exhibitions of her own, and has also contributed to other exhibitions. Come Winter (2018-19), Elena will put her abstract works on display at Edsvik Konsthall, an art gallery/showroom/museum, with an aim to start working internationally as well.

Weerawit Weerawanichkul

Weerawit started to learn painting and drawing since he was 5, and earned his first prize only one year after. Weerawit studied in 3 universities until he graduated with a Bachelor Degree. The first was Thammasart University. The artist studied architecture for 1 year. Then he was transferred to another Art University to learn more about painting, drawing and contemporary art. Finally, Weerawit transferred again to the UK and studied at University for the Creative Arts.

Sun Young Chyun

Sun Young Chyun completed a BA with Honors in Studio Arts/Economics at Wesleyan University, CT,USA in 2002, followed by MFA in Painting at the Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, South Korea in 2007. Sun Young Chyun has been awarded the Emerging Artist Grant by the National Arts Council, Singapore in 2017.


From childhood, Yongna showed her talent in art and entered art school like a natural procedure. When she was a college student, Yongna had enough desire to create a group of paintings to actively engage in creative activities with my seniors. Her passion for writing stood out, and she took his first step as a writer, starting with “A New Artist’s Invitation.” After that, Yongna came down to Gongju, her hometown, and joined the Gongju Department of the Korean Art Association and started working on writing. Early works were mainly based on ink paintings, and since 2000, the interest in human greed has grown, mainly in expressing in the works the worthless and ruthless desire inherent in human beings. Although the art education business started due to economic circumstances, it continued to carry out art production activities at the same time, though its activities were minimal at one time. After moving to Daejeon, she focused on her artwork again in 2014, winning prizes at various art competitions. It is expanding its activities into various Korean painting fields such as folk painting and coloring.